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Free delivery within a 5 mile radius and all orders processed and delivered within 3-5 days.
All our wood is seasoned, cut to an optimal size for your open fire/log burner and ready to "keep you warm this winter.."

Why Buy Seasoned Firewood Logs?
The word seasoned when applied to firewood suggests that it has been stored outside during the summer months to dry ready for the winter.

A fresh cut log can be as much as 50% moisture!
When burning fresh sawn firewood a huge amount of the energy stored within the log is consumed to boil off the moisture within the log – that is before any energy in the form of heat can be radiated from the fireplace or woodburning stove etc. In other words it takes longer to achieve any heat from the log and the heat will be given off for a much shorter period!

Burning seasoned firewood allows the heat to be radiated from the log in a much shorter time which means less wood is required to build an effective fire and that the fire will give off more heat in less time!

How Dry Are The Seasoned Firewood Logs?
Our seasoned logs generally contain between 25 – 35% moisture and sometimes even less, they have been cut during the summer and allowed to gently air dry for several months ready for successful burning in the winter.
Our logs are normally Larch and can be burnt either straight away or after storing indoors for 24 – 48 hours for best results!



“I have been using Pendle Logs for the last 12 months, the service, quality of logs and value for money is fantastic, would definitely recommend this company”

Sue from Colne, Lancashire

“Cracking service, I can order a bulk bag and get delivery same day, good value for money and the wood burns great”

Jim from Earby, Lancashire

“As the landlord of a local pub, I need to keep my clients warm and toasty during the winter months and with three open fires to keep stoked up I use plenty of logs, so the service offered by the Pendle Log Company is great, the logs are a manageable size and I can order a loose load of logs that keeps me going for weeks”

Shaun Landlord of the Cross Gaits Inn,
Blacko, Lancashire

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