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The timber arrives on site into our purpose build storage facility, and is stored for 10 to 12 months before use.  Within this time the wood begins the seasoning process;  the process of inducing evaporation of the moisture contained in wood.

Why should the wood be dry?
Wood should be as dry as possible for burning, otherwise a lot of the heat is used to heat up and evaporate the water in the wood. That means you produce less heat and more condensates in the chimney.

When the wood has seasoned to a acceptable degree it is then ready to process into firewood logs.

We then cut the timber to approximately 10 inch lengths using our professional log processing machine, the firewood logs are then transferred into 1 1/2 cubic metre stillages, where it is then placed undercover for a minimum of 2 months prior to sale.

We have available storage capacity to approximately store 500 cubic metres at any one given time of seasoned firewood logs, so this enables us to have a constant supply of dry, ready to burn firewood logs whatever the weather conditions maybe.

All it takes to secure your dry, ready to burn firewood logs is a quick call to either Eric or Mark.

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